Inspection Scheduling

The Baxter-Marion Water System has passed required AR Health Dept. bacteria testing, and is currently in the process of notifying customers that our transmission lines have been cleared for public use.  Plumbing contractors/Homeowners should contact the BMRWA operator/inspector at {870}431-0050, and  confirm his availability for the date/time you would like to  install the required shut off, pressure reducing valve, dual check valve, and piping needed to connect to the BMRWA meter outlet.  The BMRWA distribution operator/inspector will come to your property and set your water meter in place, with service locked until your existing plumbing is separated from your well connection by a minimum of 12” air gap.  The inspector will also want to ensure you have installed the thermal expansion tank if you have a hot water heater in service when hooking to the BMRWA water meter. 

After the required parts & air gap separation have been confirmed, the BMRWA inspector will unlock service at your meter to let your system pressurize.   He will watch the meter without any water running in your home to make sure there are no leaks, and sign off in your customer file that your property is to be included on the next applicable meter reading cycle. 

Customers who qualified for the Low/Moderate income construction grant will not receive a bill until their service lines have been installed by the LMI plumbing contractor, but all other BMRWA members should expect to receive their first bill by the final week of April in 2015.  There is no set time period in which customers must be hooked up to the BMRWA system, but those who choose to wait will still receive the minimum bill either way. 

Throughout the past year, BMRWA has faced a 22.5% increase in the projected water rates that were presented for public consideration at the start of the construction phase.  In an effort to maintain a budget that satisfies operational costs & debt funding, the Baxter-Marion board of directors raised the minimum monthly billing rate by 19% during the regular monthly meeting held on Jan. 5th 2015.    The new BMRWA minimum monthly billing rates are as follows.

Residential - $38.00 per month

Mater Meter - $11.00 x the # of units served per month

Barn Café - $ 22.00 per month

Any customers that have not paid their meter security deposit at the time their first billing cycle begins will have the $100 deposit added to their total due balance on their first bill.  Those who do not pay the balance in full before their 1st late due date will be subject to immediate disconnect, as well as possible reconnection fees as outlined in the BMRWA board policies/by-laws documents.  Likewise, those customers who paid a $200 deposit at signing will be issued a $100 bill credit which will be applied to their future balance until such a time as the difference has been fully refunded.

Customer can visit or call 870-431-0050 with questions or concerns, and we thank you for your patience throughout this busy time.



Association Duties and Responsibilities.  For Members entering into a water user agreement with the Baxter Marion Rural Water Association No 1, the BMRWA will install a water meter service, including a service line which begins at the water main line and terminates at the edge of the Member’s property, if possible. 

            The meter service and service line will connect with the water main line of the BMRWA and will be installed at a location suitable to provide easy access to the water meter by BMRWA personnel. 

            The BMRWA is the final authority in any question for location of any meter service or service line connection to its water main.  The BMRWA has exclusive right to use the facilities that are installed by BMRWA.  The Member is not permitted to be inside the BMRWA meter box at anytime without approval of BMRWA personnel. 

            Deposits and Fees Paid by the Member. 

Any deposits and fees, with the exception of the meter deposit, paid to the BMRWA by the Member in connection with providing the water meter service is non refundable.  Refund of the Meter Deposit is subject to conditions as described herein.

       Start of Water Availability.  The Member will be notified by the BMRWA in writing when water service will be available.  Water charges to the Member shall commence on the date service is made available, regardless of whether the Member connects to the system by that date.

            Continued Use of Well. Members may continue to use their well when connecting to the water system; however, the BMRWA water supply and a well cannot use the same pipes or be connected in any way.  Existing Member wells can continue to be used, as long as they are a physically separate plumbing system from the BMRWA water supply.  The Member is held liable for eliminating present or potential future cross-connections in the Member’s water system, including associated expenses incurred by the BMRWA. 

            Member’s Service Line Installation and Maintenance.  The Member’s service line connects to the BMRWA’s water meter stub out pipe.  Installation and maintenance of a service line from the BMRWA meter to the Member’s residence or other point of use is the Member’s responsibility and at the Member’s expense. 

            The Member’s service line and plumbing connections must be inspected and approved by a State of Arkansas licensed inspector.  BMRWA will arrange for such inspections.  The cost of these inspections is normally included within the Member’s fee paid to the BMRWA as established within this water user agreement contract.

            Determinations of the actual plumbing components that are installed by the Member to connect to the water meter stub out pipe are at the sole discretionary judgment of the Arkansas licensed inspector.  This inspector is hired by BMRWA to inspect all private service connections for compliance with Arkansas State Plumbing Code and as otherwise established by the Arkansas Department of Health.

            Generally, at the Member-side of the meter connection, the Member can expect to be responsible for the installation of a pressure reducing valve, a cut off-valve, and a back-flow device.  Additional items may be required by the Arkansas licensed inspector, and may vary according to each individual installation.  For residential applications, the Member’s plumbing connections may be made by either the Member, or a State of Arkansas licensed plumber.  The BMRWA recommends that the installation of the Member’s connection and service line to a residence be under the direction of a licensed plumber.  For commercial applications, the Arkansas Department of Health requires the use of an Arkansas licensed plumber for performing connections. 

            The cost for items and services under the responsibility of the Member will vary, according to negotiation between the Member and the Member’s personal installation contractor. 

                        Easements. An easement is the right to use the real property of another for a specific purpose. The easement is itself a real property interest, but legal title to the underlying land is retained by the original owner for all other purposes.  In order for the BMRWA to install the necessary service line and meter to provide water to the Member, the the water user Member must grant the BMRWA an easement.  If it is necessary to secure an easement over property not owned by the Member in order to achieve access by the BMRWA to the Member’s property, it is the responsibility of the Member to secure such easements.  Easements for granting BMRWA Right Of Way for property not owned by the Member will not be recognized as achieved until filed with the appropriate County Clerk.

            The Member, by entering into this water user agreement with the BMRWA, agrees to grant the BMRWA a perpetual easement in, over, under, and upon the Member’s land as necessary for the BMRWA to install, and thereafter; use, operate, inspect, repair, maintain, replace, and remove water pipelines and appurtenant facilities.  This includes the granting the right of the BMRWA to utilize adjoining lands belonging to the Member for the purpose of ingress and egress from the above-described lands.  As determined by the BMRWA, a formal Right Of Way Grant may be established.

            Monthly Water Bill: The Member water bill will be determined by the Member’s actual meter reading.  If no water is used, the minimum monthly charge will be assessed, according to the BMRWA rate schedule then in force.

            Transfer of Property.  If the Member sells or bargains his or her property to another, AND the water service contract remains in the Member’s name, the Member will continue to be financially liable for payment of all water fees for the remainder of the 5-year term of the water user agreement with the BMRWA.  As long as the water service contract remains in the name on the Member on record with the BMRWA, that Member is the responsible party from whom the BMRWA will require monthly payments for the 5-year term of the contract.  The Member is responsible for arranging with the new property owner and the BMRWA a transfer of Member financial liability. 

            For transfer of the Member’s financial liability, the new property owner must complete the required BMRWA paperwork documenting transference of property and assumption of remaining term of the water user agreement.  Unless this is done, the original (or previous) Member/property owner will continue to be responsible for the agreement and assumption of financial liabilities and responsibilities, until the new owner has completed the above-mentioned paperwork and paid the appropriate fees, if any. 

            The BMRWA will return the initial Meter Deposit to the Member only upon proper transfer of the Water User Agreement to the new property owner, payment of a meter deposit fee by the new owner, and receipt by the BMRWA of full payment of all unpaid invoices due for water service.

            Member Liability for Contract Termination. Member payment of the monthly bill is essential to ensure adequate funds to cover the debt service (to repay the loan for system construction), and proper operation and maintenance (O&M) of the system. Therefore, each Member hereby agrees to pay the monthly water bill for five years, beginning at water service availability.

            In the event the Member shall breach this contract by refusing or failing, without just cause, to pay the monthly water bill or otherwise terminate the contract without the express prior written agreement of the Association, the Member agrees to pay the BMRWA a lump sum of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000) as liquidated damages, prorated over the five-year term of this contract, as calculated from the start of water service availability.

            It is expressly understood and agreed by the parties hereto that the said amount is agreed upon as liquidated damages in that a breach by the Member in either of the respects set forth above would be difficult, if not impossible, to prove the amount of such damages. The parties hereto have computed, estimated, and agreed upon said sum in an attempt to make a reasonable forecast of probable actual loss because of the difficulty of estimating with exactness the resulting damages.

            The Member may, at the end of the 5-year term of this contract, provided full payment has been made to the BMRWA of all invoices due for water service, elect to discontinue further water service.  Upon written notification of such intent, the BMRWA will disconnect the service by removal of the water meter.  The initial water meter deposit will then be returned to the Member.  Reconnection will be subject to the fees and conditions then in effect, as determined solely by the BMRWA.

            Disconnect Policy.  The BMRWA may, without notice, shut off water to a Member if a connection or extension to the Member’s service line has been made that was not authorized by the BMRWA.  It does not matter who made the unauthorized connection.  Under this Water User Agreement, the Member agrees that no other present or future water source will be connected to any Member-owned water lines served by the BMRWA water meter and lines.  No additional residence may be connected to the Member service line.  The Member will disconnect any other water source or additional residence from the present water supply prior to connecting/switching to the BMRWA’s system. 

            Late Payment Penalty.  If the Member fails to make all the required monthly payments, the Meter Deposit will apply to the meter service, service will disconnected, and service will not be re-connected for any current or future property owner on the serviced property without the liquidated damages payment. 

            The failure to pay the normal water charges as established by the BMRWA will result in the automatic imposition of the following current penalties:

               1:       Water bills are mailed on or near the 26th day of the month.  Bills are due on the 10th day of the following month by 4:30 p.m. Nonpayment of the account by the 10th day of the month after 4:30 p.m. will result in a late penalty being assessed to the delinquent account.

               2:       Nonpayment of the account by the 18th day of the month will result in the water service being shut off from the Member’s property.

               3:       In the event it becomes necessary for the BMRWA to shut off the water from a service meter property, the Member will be charged for a disconnection and re connection of the service. 

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